Upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 on my S10 Netbook

Well, it took a long while, but it was a success, and it solved the problem I was having with the powersave not blanking out the screen like it should.

Word of warning though – a few apps that I had also got uninstalled, and since I didn’t note down all of them… I can’t remember everything I need to reinstall… LOL

OpenOffice was one of those apps. But that was easy to remember.

Rosegarden, although not uninstalled by the upgrade, seems to have lost it’s icon on the LXPanel.

There were 2 other apps had on there which now appear only as a broken icon.

Overall, the upgrade went pretty well, and it did warn me it was about to uninstall stuff, I just didn’t note it down figuring I’d remember all the important stuff. A lot of apps were on that uninstall list.

At any rate, since I wasn’t sitting on the upgrade the whole time, the entire process took a few hours with some time waiting on my response to a few dialog boxes.

I haven’t had much of a chance to use the my Lenovo S10 Netbook with the upgrade, other than to reinstall OpenOffice which now appears as LibreOffice, and to synchronize to documents folder with my main computer (a Dell 640m running Windows 7 64-bit) using SyncToy (which worked fine, just like before).

The one thing I did notice is that when I wake up the Netbook, the wireless network connection does seem to go up a little faster than before (maybe the upgrade fixed some of my configuration mistakes, like the whole powersave not blanking the screen bit).

Oh, yes, the upgrade also disabled all the Non-Canonical repositories so I had to go into the Synaptic Package Manager and re-enable them — but that was easy as they were all labelled with “disabled by the upgrade” (or something like that).

So far, so good… quite happy with the upgrade. Machine could be a little snappier now, but it could just be that “new OS smell” getting to me.

Definitely happy to have the screen turn off to prevent burn in (I’m not a big fan of screensavers… rather save power and CPU cycles)