Val Gameiro, Writer, Director, Filmmaker

Born in Mozambique in Africa and raised in Portugal, Val has been writing since the age of 5, when he uncovered an old typewriter  around the house and began producing poems and snippets of stories. The typewriter became a computer, and fiction and poetry writing gave way to lines of computer code and sales presentations, but neither were abandoned. In time Val began turning poems into song and story fragments into full pieces.

Val now lives in Austin with his beloved wife Rita, writing and directing his own screenplays.

In 2005, his short story, “Kayla,” won an award at the 2005 Scary Stories, produced by the Celebrity Centre International Professional  Writers Association and performed live by professional actors for a live audience.

He optioned his first script in 2007 and in 2008 started work on his first Web Series, 7 Shades of Lenity. In 2009 he wrote, shot  and directed a short on Human Trafficking, titled “When She Smiles.”

Coupled with his goals to have friends all over the world, bring an end to war, stop Human Trafficking, are his dedication to the US Constitution and the principles of Freedom taught by the Founding Fathers.

For him, America is still the Land of the Free, especially having come from other countries where people have a lot less freedoms, but he’s keenly aware that Constant Alertness and Constant Willingness to Fight Back are the only Price of Freedom.