New FREE Footage from DetFilms

Hi everybody, if you don’t know DetFilms, you’re missing out big time. they have really good indie-priced footage of explosions, etc. If you can think of it, they probably have it or can do it for ya…

Val Gameiro

Writer, Director, Filmmaker

“Greetings, hard-working people in darkened rooms hunched before computer monitors!

New stuff is up!  First off, some Structure Fire effects, in HD and DV.  Fire burning along various shapes that you can stack like Lincoln Logs to follow the lines of a house or building.

Some Pre-Keyed Grit, because we had a few requests.  Heavier than dust, it’s particles of tiny rocks being hurled around, in various useful angles.  In HD and DV.

And finally — Porkshots!  Yep, we actually got a roast of pork, shot it with a hollowpoint .357, and did all sorts of cool things with the remains of shattered meat and bone.  Including cooking what we could scrape up and feeding it to the crew, but not to Bob, because Bob is on a diet.  Anyway, check it out in HD or DV.  The DV included a couple of freebies, which we have included in the Special Pack below, along with the HD versions as well!

Special Pack For People On The List! (Get it now, because once it is gone, it is gone!)

As always, thanks for letting us be part of your projects!  You keep making movies, and we’ll keep blowing things up!

Bob and John and Nick
Detonation Films