More Free VSTi and Halloweend Sound Effects

Just came across these today, and thought I’d share them.

First, we start with another plugin from Mildon Studios, Otobongo (read auto-bongo) which is a vst instrument to emulate a bongo, with the added twist of changing the pitch each time a note is hit. Check it out:

Next runner up is SF2 by DSK Music, which is a soundfont player vst instrument, which means you can play any of the myriad free soundfonts available on the web. A soundfont is a file containing samples and mapping across the keyboard so you can use a midi keyboard to play that instrument or collection of instruments (a soundfont can have more than one). If your digital audio workstation doesn’t play soundfonts natively, but supports VST plugins, you can use this guy to overcome the limitation. For instance, Ableton Live doesn’t support soundfonts unless you own their Sampler add-on. So, if you can’t shell out the $160 for it, this plugin will get you by.

And last but not least, Peace Love Productions are giving away a set of 20 scary male voice loops performed by the talented Johann Smit from popular Goth/Industrial/EBM group, Khemique. It includes spoken word poems, laughter, howling, and single words (Halloween, Arise, Trick Or Treat, Beware, etc)

And that’s it for now. Hope these are of some use to you.