America more and more like Europe

WARNING: socio-political commentary coming

I was just reading this today, and thought it was worth sharing. I had 2 realizations while reading this, that don’t necessarily appear in the written article:

You should read the article before you read my commentary.

Here’s what I realized, and it comes from the perspective of the world being ruled by greed and power.

First of all, it hit me that if I were a mortgage banker (or one of the bankers who run the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, etc.) and I wanted to make money selling houses, it would behoove me to introduce into the society any idea that would lead children to leave their parents’ homes and make them more amenable to buying a house (you know, the American dream), and I probably wouldn’t shed much of a tear if families divorced and bought houses separately… more prospective clients.

I know… kind of harsh… not making accusations, just remarking on a viewpoint.

Now, if I had successfully gotten all these young people to leave their homes and buy houses, I would soon learn that a lot of them wouldn’t qualify for home loans, so I’d probably go down to the legislature with lobbyists and a few wads of cash in hand, and change the laws… I would probably want banks to be able to loan more money than they have on hand (Keynesian economy), and lower the requirements for getting a home loan… none of this waiting to have 20% down… get it down to 10% and then as low as 0 down… don’t wanna wait, wanna make money FAST!

Curious, isn’t it?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying buying a house is a bad thing, but if I was part of a big banking cartel seeking to control the world through finances, these would be things I would lust after… and in 1948, I believe, the American Psychiatric Association had a meeting where they discussed destroying the family unit in America… which we can plainly see all around us.

Obviously, the aforementioned practices would eventually lead to the housing bubble, and conveniently, would lead some of the smaller banks to go belly up, only to be swept up by the heavies like JP Morgan Chase, et al.

Now comes the other realization, which to me is… kind of funny… poetic justice.

If you’re European, like me, then you know that families already live together, mostly because housing is so expensive and taxes are so high… sound familiar?

Obviously, our family unit is much tighter than here in the US, and although people do want to leave the nests, they don’t cut ties with parents, etc. — I call my folks every week, sometimes more than once.

So, REALIZATION #2, and a bit of a warning, if you think that what’s happening in Europe won’t happen here (in terms of Socialism, in terms of Universal Health Care, etc.) you may want to re-think that…

According to the article above, families are moving in together… children are out of work, or not earning enough, and people are forced to move in with family and friends.

What’s funny to me, other than it mirrors what’s happening in Europe (they are well ahead of the US in this) is that all the work done to destroy the family unit, and now the family unit is coming back together due to adversity.

It’s a real funny thing about man, who is basically good — when faced with a bigger game (or threat), differences are set aside, and forces are joined.

I witnessed this personally, as a relief worker at Ground Zero… people would jeopardize their lives and health to save a complete stranger’s. That is man at its best.

So, this is my observation, regardless of which end of the political spectrum you lie on… and this is all observable from current US news:

1. They’re going to try and turn the US into a Socialist country (already well into it, if you look at the Communist manifesto)

2. They’re going to try and slowly make us prisoners under the guise of help

3. They will take away our means of self-defense, such as guns, stating it is to keep our streets safe, ignoring the fact that outlaws do not follow laws, and will continue to get guns

4. Continue to push the mentality of a Nanny State where the government takes “care” of you from the cradle to the grave, which really means, control every aspect of our lives they see fit — like Mother Russia did

5. Continue to tax the crap out of us (directly, or indirectly) to pay for all their FREE programs… nothing’s ever free… and since the government’s only source of income are our taxes… you do the math. In Europe, the middle class is no longer. You either became upper class, or you slid down into the lower class. The middle class pay most of the taxes, and when they have no money…. they join the low class…

6. As a sidenote, “From each according to his ability to pay, and to which according to his need” sounds great if you’re in need, but it is one of the planks of the Communist manifesto, and it means the government is taking my hard-earned money, and then inefficiently giving it away to those who make less than me… Socialism… if you think that’s a great idea, why don’t you cut out the middle man (the government) and start up a charity — you’ll find you’ll do a lot more good for the community around you! Or support an existing charity… at least if they mess up, they don’t take the whole country down with them!

7. More and more cameras and government sponsored surveillance will exist, just like in England where they have 1 camera for every 7 people (in London). They even have microphones to hear what’s going on in the streets, and low speakers to tell you what to do… Orwellian isn’t it? Yet it is true.

Well, I’m not much for predictions, but it’s plainly obvious that Europe is leading the way, and our government is following.

But, not all is doom and gloom…

As the article exemplifies, families are coming back together, we are coming back together… maybe if the whole world is suffering, and we’re not stupid enough to point the finger at all the Muslims like we were taught to point the finger at the Communists/Russians during the Cold War, maybe we’ll see that we’re being played… that most politicians, in order to be allowed to stay in power, are made crooked.

That’s a lot of maybes and they all depend upon what you and I do here and now.

Someone once said, if you see a group failing, look to the top… in our case… look to YOURSELF… because, unless you believe what the government wants you to believe (police too) it is US at the top. It is WE THE PEOPLE whom the government is SUPPOSED to SERVE.

It is from us that they derive their power… from our consent. They want to be treated like little celebrities, but really, politicians are overpaid government employees.

Ask yourself… better yet, ask your representatives… WHO runs the country. WHO serves WHO? Go look at your City’s organizing chart and see who’s at the top… the Mayor… or YOU?

It’s a shift in viewpoint, in paradigm… a shift back to the way it was created… intended… even in Europe.

They’ve lost it…

What are we going to do about it?