URGENT — TEXAS BILLS TO KILL!!!! (Please spread)

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Mental Health Insurance Mandates
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Your Calls & Visits Needed Monday
April 20, Here Are The Details:

1. HB 868 autism and bulimia/anorexia mandate bill will be heard April 21, 2009, Room E2.026 at 2pm or upon legislature adjornment. You need to let the insurance committee know how you feel about mandated insurance coverage and come put in a card of opposition on Tuesday. (Read bill here…)

2. HB 2969 has been heard by the Insurance Committee and left pending. The bill mandates coverage for the FULL Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) on all mental illnesses on par with health insurance for everyone. (Read bill here…)

Everyone should be very concerned about mandates…especially if you own a business or are self-employed.

These Bills Must Be Stopped!

Here are a few talking points about insurance mandates:

* Insurance mandates increase the amount of claims and this is passed on to the consumer as increased premiums.
* Rising insurance premiums lead to more and more workers unable to afford health insurance pushing them into the already overburdened Medicaid and Medicare systems paid for by the taxpayer.
* What is wanted by the consumer is the availability of choice for the type of coverage that is individually needed.
* What is needed is affordable expanded Consumer Choice Plans – consumers should be able to opt out of mental health coverage just like they can decline vision or dental. It’s just common sense.

(Find out more about mental health parity here.)

Name Position Office# Phone

Smithee, John (D86) Chair 1W.10 512…

Martinez Fisher, Trey (D116) V-Chair E1.320 512…
Johnson, LyAnna Clerk E2.150 512…

Deshotel, Joe (D22) E2.408 512…

Eiland, Craig (D23) GW.5 512-463-0502

Hancock, Kelly (D91) E1.406 512-463-0599

Hunter, Todd (D32) E2.808 512-463-0672

Isett, Carl (D84) E1.506 512-463-0676

Taylor, Larry (D24) E2.610 512-463-0729

Thompson, Senfronia (D24) 3S.6 512-463-0720

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