The Biggest Lie

The biggest lie anyone can make you believe, is that you can’t do anything about it. What can a single person do? Or a even handful?

But if you look at the history books, slanted over the years as they may have become, I’m sure you’ll notice a peculiar thing: Alexander the Great, Newton, Da Vinci, Joan of Arc… they were all just one man, or woman. Gandhi is another great example.

And single people can spark great movements. A group is composed of single people. And a well organized group can accomplish more than a single individual by combining efforts and talents. That’s how companies operate.

I would go so far as to venture that those who do not want you to succeed, and want to make your feel you can’t do anything about it, are in very small numbers. They try to make you believe they have the advantage, again, for fear we will win. But it is still a lie.

How else could they defeat you? In a game with such worthy players as ourselves, with such formidable force and ability, a game where all the players are matched. They see no other choice but to make you believe you can’t, so they can win.

I’m afraid, however, that it is just the biggest lie. I’m afraid that is the only thing you CAN do. You CAN do something about anything. Whether it be animal rights, women’s rights, gay rights, 2nd amendment rights, right to life, right to breathe, right to be free. The world is peopled with such successes, although the media and those who would see you bow to them would have you believe there are only failures.

But just as sure as you can get up in the morning and make up your mind as to what you’re going to have for breakfast, and how you will help your neighbor or child overcome some hurdle, we can dream up a fair and balanced way of running a country without interfering with the freedoms of the people around you, or ways to cure the most dire illnesses with simple home made remedies.

Of course, those who believe they’re winning the game by eliminating the competition will want to make you believe you can’t, and they’ll try to get laws passed (in the name of safety) to prevent you from making your own miracles. All they need to do is scare you into believing you need to be protected by them, that they’re looking after your best interest, and that you can’t possibly do anything about it… how else would they win?

The examples are as varied as there are greedy people… therefore, not many. Not as many as there are good decent people, who can tell right from wrong, who can think for themselves.

We just forget what we CAN do. But we ARE the vast majority. Those who would see you cower and whimper have to make you believe you can’t win, that you can’t do anything about it.

But what CAN’T we do? Not all of us are great scholars like Da Vinci or last year’s Nobel Prize winner, but don’t we perform our own miracles every day? We give birth to new life, and we teach them how to survive in the world. We create new businesses out of thin air to satisfy a need that people didn’t even know they had. We help people with their groceries, or across the street, or make the best decision, or learn something. We help them promote their business, or run it.

The biggest lie is that we CAN’T. The bare truth is that it is all we CAN do. That’s ALL we do. We do something. Something big, something small, something barely noticeable. Something that makes major headlines. Something that puts a smile on the ones we love. We solve problems.

If we only take stock every day of what we do, we ARE doing something.

Reality is agreement. If a single man, in whom you put no stock, or faith, comes up to you and your friends and tells you, you can’t win, you ignore him. He’s crazy. The rest of you agree you are going to win… that’s why you’re playing together. And it is only when you stop believing you can win, that you start to lose.

Some bigger figures will tell you the same, but they only carry the weight you give them. What’s the difference between a bum on the street, or a bum on the screen? Only that we put stock in the guy on the screen, and hope he’s going to help us win. But then he tells us we can’t, and since we put him up there, he must be better, and he must know more, therefore he’s right, and we can’t possibly do anything. But is he really more than a bum on the street? No! He may dress better, perhaps. Talk better. But anyone who tells you you CAN’T do anything about it, is lying to you.

Even if he’s saying, “Don’t worry. I know you can’t do anything about it, but I can. So long as you listen to me, we can do something about it. But you have to do what I say, otherwise it will be Hell to pay.”

He may even be so bold as to say, “Look at how bad things got without me.” But he’s just lying convincingly. Because THE ONLY WAY TO FAIL IS TO STOP DOING. As soon as you stop doing, then you’ve been successfully STOPPED, and it could be said you’ve failed. But even then, you have to DO the action of stopping yourself from doing, in order for that to persist for any length of time.

If you were to stop playing the game by their rules (what they’re most afraid of), their game would cease. If the vast majority which are US, were to simply agree that they were crazy and that they were lying, and that their rules were bogus, and that anyone who tries to make us believe we CAN’T do something, or that they know better, and we need them to succeed – they’re only lying so they can win. Don’t believe them… it’s the biggest lie.

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