How to Use Celtx Videos

These are not done by me, but they’re awesome as they go over most areas in Celtx.

So, whether you’re a newbie or have used Celtx for years like me, you’re gonna love these tutorial videos. You may find some ideas to streamline your workflow and make Celtx work better for you.

Afterwards, I’m sure you’ll see why I stopped using Final Draft in favor of Celtx… a pre-production tool that helps me during every stage of the filmmaking process, from development to production and even post-production (check out that post here).

Here’s the first of 3 videos:

Part 1:
– Splash Page
– Format Templates
– Editors & writing elements
– TypeSet
– Title Page
– Mores & Continueds
– AV demo
– Adapt To
– Annotation – Scratch Pad
– Notes
– Index Cards

Part 2:
– Media Sidebar
– Breakdown Sidebar
– Tagging
– Project Samples
– Master Catalog
– Character & Item Forms
– Storyboard
– Sketch Tool/Art Packs
– Storyboard Player

Part 3:
– Project Reports
– Production Schedule
– Adding items to Project Library
– Production Reports
– Celtx Studios Overview (storage, sharing, permissions, adding subseats)
– Celtx Sync
– Celtx Script for iPad/iPhone

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas