Help Japan and get 2 VST Instruments for $5

In the spirit of helping, SonicCouture have made one of their Kontakt libraries available for $5 – the proceeds of which will go to help the Tsunami relief effort in Japan:

From their website:

“Japanese Tsunami Appeal

This offer is only available until 31st April 2011 – 100% of all payments taken for the Omnichord instrument will be donated to the Red Cross Japanese Tsunami appeal.”

And, when you buy that instrument you get to download one of their 3 freebies — I downloaded the Tube Drum:

So, let’s get some free music-making stuff while helping Japanese Tsunami survivors!!

Val Gameiro

Writer, Director, Filmmaker

2 Replies to “Help Japan and get 2 VST Instruments for $5”

  1. Martin

    Hi Val. I just found out about the Omnichord thing and I’ve missed the boat. I’ve contacted soniccouture but no response back. Do you know if I can find this instrument for Logic anywhere? Thanks!

  2. admin

    Hi Martin, sorry about the lag in responding 🙁 I’m in pre-production on my first feature, and having to create the new website and related social-media accounts, not to mention the legal paperwork.

    Did Soniccouture ever get back to you? E-mail me at: val _at_ idealsceneproductions _dot_ com

    Val Gameiro
    Writer, Director, Filmmaker

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