Free Titling Plugin for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere, After Effects – MAC ONLY

If you’re on a Mac, which I’m not, and you’ve downloaded the FxFactory framework, you can now also download a free Titling plugin as well:

Since I don’t have a Mac, I can’t talk much about it, but they have instructions on installation, etc.

Here’s an excerpt from the site:


Key Features

• Now available in Premiere Pro CS6 and Final Cut Pro X: create static titles and animated rolls/crawls in the newest editing applications.

• Keyframing optional: no keyframes are required for animation. The text of your choice is scrolled in and out of frame automatically, based on the length of the generator track. This feature also lets you match a title roll (or crawl) to the duration of a different clip.

• Use existing RTF files: this plug-in can reference an existing RTF file on disk, allowing you to rely entirely on an external program for text input and layout.

• Built-in motion blurring and de-flickering: create high-quality animations at any frame rate with built-in motion blur and the ability to reduce interlacing artifacts.

• Easy masking abilities: use external media to determine which portions of the title are visible, or viceversa.

Hope this is of use to you.

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas