Amnesia Official Trailer Released!

For those of you who don’t know, Amnesia is my first feature film, and I’m still in the editing stages. It touches on two subjects I’m very passionate about: Human Trafficking and Human Rights Violations. I hope to raise awareness about these topics in our world, so we may make a positive change in those arenas.

Last night I was able to complete the trailer, with a lot of help from two very good friends:

Bobby Sargent, my co-producer, 2nd unit director, and to Carl Dante, my film composer.

Bobby was instrumental in helping me organize the trailer in a way that made sense, had a good progression and moved. And Carl was able to take it to the next level with his music. I’m truly grateful to both of them, as I am to all the people who helped me get the film made.

I hope you enjoy the trailer, and if you do, share it 🙂


Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas