The Rise of Corporatism

Here is an incredible statement by author Daniel Estulin before the European Parliament.

If you ever wonder what’s going on with the world… you gotta read this!  It’s not about Right and Left anymore… it’s about Stadism (fueled by the corporations) and Individualism (fueled by what’s left of humanity).

The researcher Daniel Estulin delivered a speech to the politicians in Brussels, revealing the intention of the financial elite to collapse the global economy and make the world a corporation, of which only they benefit. Spanish translation of the speech and video of the press conference at the headquarters of the European Parliament and the subsequent questions.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

El histórico discurso de Daniel Estulin denunciando al Grupo Bilderberg en el Parlamento Europeo ParlamentoEuropeoDanielEstulin1junio20101 300x199

We are now in a position to change history. Finally I believe that humanity has a future. A population at a demoralized and without purpose is emerging from a long sleep. In this general awakening, people are starting to ask the right questions. It is not, “what I gain from this?” But “what is right?”. It is an international phenomenon of response and reaction to an outstanding perception that the world is destined for disaster at least we, people, do something about it.

I have written a book about the Bilderberg group. The book, in some ways, has become the catalyst for a movement around the world. Now, you do not have much time, so I would like to explain what is Bilderberg and why it must be stopped.

In the international financial world, there are those who lead and those events that react to events. While the latter are better known, more numerous and more powerful in appearance, the real power lies in the former. In the center of the global financial system is the financial oligarchy represented by the Bilderberg group.

El histórico discurso de Daniel Estulin denunciando al Grupo Bilderberg en el Parlamento Europeo P1100870 300x225

Bilderberg organization is dynamic, meaning that changes over time, absorb and create new parts while disposing of the parties in decline. Its members come and go, but the system itself has not changed. It is a system that is self-replicating, a virtual web intertwined with financial, political, economic and industrial.

However, Bilderberg is a secret society. It is an all-seeing evil eye. There is no conspiracy but many people with their childhood fantasies see it that way. No group of people, and I do not care how powerful they are, they sit around a table in the dark, holding hands, having a crystal ball, planning the future of the world.

It is a gathering of people who represent a certain ideology.

It is not a global government or New World Order, as many people mistakenly believe. However, ideology is that of a global company LTD. In 1968, during a Bilderberg meeting in Canada, George Ball, Undersecretary of Economic Affairs of JFK and Johnson said: “Where do you find a legitimate basis for the power of corporate management to take decisions that may profoundly affect the economic life of nations whose governments have only a limited liability. ”

The idea behind each of the Bilderberg meetings is to create what they called the aristocracy of purpose on how best to manage the planet between the elites of Europe and North America. In other words, the creation of a huge network of cartels, more powerful than any nation on Earth, destined to control the vital needs of the rest of humanity, obviously from his vantage point, for our own good and benefit. We, the lower classes (” The Great Unwashed “as they relate to us.)

However, the reason why people do not believe in the Bilderberg and other organizations working together and exercising such control on the world stage is that theirs is a Cartesian fantasy, in which isolated the intentions of some individuals, and not dynamic social processes shape the course of history as the movement of the evolution of ideas and some items over several generations and even centuries.

Bilderberg group is the medium of financial institutions that represent the most powerful and predatory financial interests. And right now, this combination is the worst enemy of humanity.

El histórico discurso de Daniel Estulin denunciando al Grupo Bilderberg en el Parlamento Europeo P1100877 225x300

We can not congratulate you today, Bilderberg has become the subject of the corporate media. Not because the corporate media have suddenly remembered their responsibility to us, but because we have forced this awkward position to be aware that the presidents and prime ministers and kings and queens are tiny puppets of powerful forces operating behind the scenes .

Something has happened in the midst of general economic collapse. People are largely subject to something that does not always understand. But that leads them to act a certain way, in their own interest. That’s what they are doing in Greece. That’s what they are doing in the U.S.. It’s called the anthropic principle. It’s like a tidal wave came and took our fears. The people, realizing that their existence is threatened, have lost their fear, and others perceive Bilderberg.

Maybe that’s why in a recent speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in Montreal, Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the founders of the Trilateral Commission, adivirtió that “global political awakening” in combination with internal struggles within the elite, threatened to divert the movement towards global governance.

You can see that people at this table come from different political and ideological past. What unites us, however, is that we are all patriots. And those who oppose us, those who work for secret societies, who have sold their nation for a piece of meat, are traitors. Not only traitors to their people and their nations, but of humanity as a whole.

Now, the subject of this press conference is Bilderberg: Towards a Global Company LT.

It’s been about six and a half centuries, Europe’s economy had collapsed in what is known as the “New Dark Ages” of Europe, the largest European economic and demographic decline since the fall of the Roman Empire. Then in the middle of the 14th century, much of the power of the oligarchy abruptly disintegrated. This decay chain erupted as the sudden collapse of the financial bubble of speculation worst debt in history (so far), when houses Brady and Peruzzi bank collapsed. The disintegration and collapse of the Lombard debt bubble collapse caused a power within families oligarchs.

What has this to do with Bilderberg?

The modern history replaced the medieval history at the time in which the institutions singularly distinguish the modern history of medieval history were put in place. That happened in 1439 in the Council of Florence. What were these new institutions?

1) The conception of the modern nation-state republics under the rule of natural law

2) The central role of promoting scientific and technological progress as the mandate given to the republic.

These two ideals represent a crucial point: its existence as an institution in every part of Europe, changed everything in Europe because these institutional changes the pace of development increased per-capita and per square kilometer of mankind over nature. So no nation will not progress reached and not developed by the fear of being left hopelessly behind.

The first event occurred under the France of Louis XI, which doubled the per-capita income of France and defeated all the enemies of their nation. Louis XI’s success generated a chain reaction of efforts to establish a nation-state model with the England of Henry VII.

Another key idea that came from the Council of Florence, who later was implemented in the United States, is the universal principle of general welfare, in which the entire modern society is based.

Now, welfare does not mean anything good for sitting on a couch eating pizza, drooling, watching TV, waiting to get the unemployment check.

It is a question of immortality. What is the intention of the existence of man and the government? Is to provide for the welfare of future generations of man. To ensure our survival as a species. The very beginning of the General Welfare, as expressed in the compendium in the preamble of the Federal Constitution is the fundamental law.

So how does this relate to today? These people want an empire. That is what is globalization. And too many people believe that to have an empire, you need money. They have heard the phrase: the Elite Money. But money is not a determinant of wealth and the economy. The money does not lap over the world. Money has no intrinsic value.

The human mind affects the development of the planet. This is how humanity is measured. Verdadeo This is the meaning of immortality. What separates us from animals is our ability to discover universal physical very beginning. It allows us to innovate, which subsequently improves people’s lives by increasing the power of man over nature.

You see, they are destroying the world economy on purpose. Nor is it the first time. This was done in the 14th century in the New Dark Ages: finished with 30% of the population.

Empire: stupid people down. They want to destroy the creative powers of reason.

Growth 0, 0 progress. Club of Rome (Limits to Growth, 1973)

1980 Draft Council on Foreign Relations, promote controlled disintegration of the global economy.

Bilderberg 1995: Demand destruction. How? By destroying the world economy on purpose.

The Great Depression, “Transfer of Wealth. The Great Depression was not an event that wiped out U.S. capitalists. It was an event that made even richer by transferring wealth from people at the hands of those who were already rich. This is how the Bank of America made billions through foreclosures from 1929 to 1937. Do not think for one second that the richest in the rich will be hurt by the collapse is coming. The only ones hurt will be us.

El histórico discurso de Daniel Estulin denunciando al Grupo Bilderberg en el Parlamento Europeo P1100890 300x225

Look at Greece. What they’re trying to do is collapse the sisema, instead of allowing Greece reorganized its monetary system, are imposing that Greece is used, the Greek debt is financed by Europe. But that debt is worthless. It’s garbage money monopoly. So ask him to Europe, which in turn is going through its own financial meltdown, which absorbs an unpayable debt, which the Greeks, indeed, may never pay, that will surely destroy signifcant Europe. And this is being done on purpose, because nobody, not even Barroso, who, with all respect to him, is absolutely intellectually impaired or Trichet is so stupid.

Let’s get rid of the bureaucracy in Brussels. Despidámoslos everyone. All are beggars. They are useless. These people have never done anything useful in their lives. Let’s get rid of Barroso. He flunked history in school. Let’s get rid of Van Rumpey hypocrite, not because it is useless but because it is mailgno and very dangerous. It is not the first time a malignant little guy wins his way through the darkness toward the depths of power.

Look, it’s a leadership issue and a question of immortality. All leaders of society, especially in times of crisis, are leaders because they are measured against this standard approach. People like Barroso, Van Rumpey, the European Union President Jean Claude Juncket, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, can hardly be considered leaders. In fact humans can hardly be considered under the perspective of human representation for the greater good of humanity.

Now, what I’m hablabndo is not a scientific issue but a moral problem. A question of immortality. “We as a nation state, as people on the planet believe in the future of mankind? And what kind of future we will have 100 or 200 years. Or what will become of us in 10,000 years? Do we have the right to dream? If we can have a sense of purpose for being here, then the bad guys can win.

For example, we were told that the euro must be saved. That the failure of the euro will bring the downfall of the European Union. That is a lie. Instead of a weak and dysfunctional European monetary union be returned to independent nation-state republics. The Europe of our ancestors.

“Cultural diversity is not only the hallmark of progress but an insurance policy against human extinction.” Once born, the concept of state nation never dies, just wait for the brave and sane human beings in their defense, and refine the concept. So we have to be a fraternity of nations, sovereign nations, united by the common purpose of humanity. Until we can bring humanity to an Age of Reason, the story will actually be formed not by the will of the bulk of humanity but for the few that, good or bad intentions, leading the destiny of man as a herd of cows is driven back and forth through the fields and occasionally also to the slaughter.