Shooting footage for an Anti-war Music Video on Oct 6th

Hey there,

Unfortunately there is no budget. It’s just me trying to speak out against politicians who make war, and waste the lives of our troops.

I need people of all ages, in some sort of cammo, or military dress (of any era).

The idea is to shoot people fighting, holding weapons, bleeding, dying, people in pain. The final shots of the day will be the blood shots. Think mounds of dead and wounded bodies as well as single corpses.

Would be great to have some younger folks too, to represent countries like Burma/Myanmar who have the world’s largest child army.

I want to make people think about why we really have wars, and why is it that politicians never send their children to war, and their bodies never liter the battlefield.

If you have fake/prop guns, that’s superb. We won’t be firing anything, but it’ll help the look. Airsoft guns are great, so long as you don’t mind blacking out the orange tip.

You don’t have to know how to act, but it helps.

We will have refreshments.

The shoot is in South Austin.


Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas