Run P2 Viewer in Windows 7 64-bit

When I first upgraded to Windows 7, I was horrified to find that P2 Viewer wouldn’t work.

I got the wonderful “the required audio hardware cannot be found on your computer.”

No matter what I tried, it kept on giving me a error about the audio driver.

Well, after much searching the internet to no avail, I finally decided to try running it under Windows XP SP3 Compatibility (right-click on shortcut, pick properties, click Compatibility tab and check “Run this program in compatibility for (Windows XP SP3).


After running it in compatibility mode, I disabled it and was still able to run it without a problem… let’s see what happens after I reboot.


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  1. admin

    Well, I suppose worst case you could load P2 viewer in the Windows XP mode under Windows Virtual PC. That should work… just make sure you share the USB ports with the virtual machine!

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