New FREE Beta of PluralEyes

If you’re like me and shoot dual video on an HVX200 and a 7D, this program is a lifesaver!

They have versions for Final Cut and Vegas too!

PluralEyes for Premiere Pro (Beta 4)
Automatic synchronization that saves you hours in the edit bay

A new beta release of PluralEyes for Premiere Pro is now available. It fixes lots of bugs and works for a larger number of media types. If you are using a previous beta release you will be notified automatically, but we thought we’d let you know, just in case.

If you do multi-camera work, use dual-system audio (e.g., for DSLR video) or multi-take productions PluralEyes will save you tons of time in post-production. The Twitter-sphere calls it “magic” and a “miracle worker”. Also available for Final Cut Pro and Vegas Pro.


Getting started: …/help/pluraleyes_pp/howto_pluraleyes_premiere.html


We look forward to your feedback.
The PluralEyes Team