MORE FREE Detonation Films Footage!

Ok, you know the drill. The folks at Detonation Films put out some pretty awesome pre-keyed footage of explosions, shots, etc. so you don’t have to accidentally maim your actors or crew.

If you’re an indie filmmaker, and you do action… these guys are your best friends. So, go on over to their site and get some footage, or just download their freebie while it lasts:

Greets, Compositadres!

We’ve added a list of New Stuff to the HD page, so you can always check there if you don’t want to wait for the List.

Pre-Keyed Land Mines and Pre-Keyed Debris are the latest additions.  Pre-keyed and in your choice of 30p and 24p flavors.  Also available in DV format (30p only) here and here.

And yes, a freebie.  A clip of Pre-Keyed Falling Wood footage for you to play with.  The DV version will always be available on the DV site, but for you on the list, we have included the HD 24p version as well.  This freebie will probably last longer than the last one, so as long as you don’t delay you’ll probably be able to get it, but as always, once it is gone, it is gone.  That means that people who are on vacation or (more usually) used their Spam Dump email to sign up for the List in case we sent them spam (which we don’t) and don’t get around to checking it for a month will be SOL.  So get it now or weep forever!

Thanks for letting us be part of your projects, and as always, you keep making your movies, and we’ll keep blowing things up!

Bob and John Forward
Nick Battaglia
Detonation Films