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Alrighty… it’s been a really long time… I’m still shooting my feature film, Amnesia, but have only 3 shooting days left.

The cast and crew have been fabulous over the last year and a half that it took to get it shot (waiting for locations, waiting for schedules, waiting for money).

I digress. If you found this post useful, you may also like my older post:

Here are some new sites I found with free After Effects templates: — they only have 3 free templates, but they’re cool looking. – they have a bunch of templates but the site is a bit hard to navigate — ignore the first section of the page that talks about domains for sale, and scroll down until you find the templates you want. – here you can find 3 free templates, plus a host of paid ones – these folks have an amazing array of paid templates, and 2 free ones. – it looks like their templates are free, but they are stored at and encourage you to get a membership — you DO NOT need to do this to download the templates, mind you. I was unsuccesful at downloading a template though, and with a restriction of 1 download per hour… too painful. – this one only has free templates, but you have to register (free).

Of course, if you haven’t checked out you absolutely should! Lots of free stuff there, including tutorials — most of what I know, I learned from them!

Hope you find something useful!

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas

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