Leave our Food Alone

The right to grow our own food, is a right… not a privilege. And the last thing I want is a big corporation force feeding me GMO food. GMO, is an abomination. It sounds great to have crops that can resist anything, but not at the price of our health, not at the price of our RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

It’s bad enough their rotten seeds are infecting farmers who want nothing to do with it… they are like Mafia… no to mention unGodly… how dare they recreate God’s nature and claim they can make it better? Blasphemous.

But how presumptuous of our elected officials to dictate to a free people what they can cultivate! Our rights are God-given, and God-like… from which authority do our elected officials get the power to curtail our rights? Are they above God? Are the big money corporations above God? How can they presume to have the right to curtail our rights and make them privileges?

Leave our food alone!