I’m directing Script to Screen

Yeeeehaaaw!  And that’s appropriate for more than 1 reason.

First, I’m in Texas.

Second, I’m directing a piece for Script to Screen called Twilight Nation – a pilot for a TV series in the supernatural western genre (by Philip Daay and Chris Engen). An unusual combination, I know, but it’s a great story, and we have a heck of a cool cast doing it.

This is going to be my first time directing someone else’s work, so I’m a bit apprehensive, and we’re only getting 3 rehearsals before the performance, but we got a lot of really good talent, and we’ve come up with a very emotional mix.

Since this was designed for TV and we’re doing it on stage, some things had to be changed in order to make it work (e.g. cut out non-dialog scenes).

We’re going to have composer David Pencil performing a score along with the performance, which is great (David’s an awesome musician and a great guy).

I wish to thank the… no, not the Academy, just the Austin Actors Conservatory (AAC), a local group of SAG members helping writers and actors through their Script-to-Screen program, and above all Pamela Denise Weaver (Producer), and Angela Lee (Assistant Director) for their great help and insight.

If you want to attend, the performance is going to be held at:

St. Edward’s University (see map)

At the Jones Auditorium – Ragsdale Center

3001 South Congress, Austin, Texas

on June 6th at 4pm


And you’ll get to meet the cast and the writers… it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Here is the Twilight Nation poster (PDF)

And here is the cast:



Gareth McClain

William Mitchell

Grayson Berry

Jake Mitchell

Paul Smith

Comm. Albert Boone / Sheriff

Sam Shipp

Norman Flannery

Frank West

Shane Harlan /

Male Cherokee Daimon

Dean Vanetek

Luke Mitchell

Dimitrius Pulido

Black Kettle / Kanati

Whis Grant

Maj Sedwick / extra roles incl. Union Supporter, Hell Townspeople

David Scott Heck

Extra roles incl. Confederate Supporter, Cherokee Daimons

Jenny Leonhart


Bethlyn Gerard


Mykle McCoslin

Gail Mitchell, Female Cherokee Daimon

Patrick Kelly