How to get Extra Large Tiles in Lightworks 11.1

Credit to this goes to Great White over at the Lightworks Forum.

I just recently moved over to Lightworks (in lieu of Adobe Premiere) to cut my feature film, Amnesia.

This is only an issue in Lightworks 11.1 – as you can see from the answer – but since 11.2 isn’t out yet… this may help you.

And if you haven’t looked at Lightworks yet, I highly recommend it. It is much simpler and faster to cut than Premiere ever was. Not as fancy, but if you’re just cutting a feature or short film… you can’t beat it for ease of use.

We just added extra large tiles in the upcoming 11.2 release. In the mean-time, you can manually increase the size of your large tiles with a little bit of text-file editing; if you open the config.dat file (which resides in the same folder as the lightworks executable on Windows) and add the following line :

large_tile_height 150

your large tiles will now be the same size as the new extra large ones. There’s no limits checking, so it’s probably best to resist the temptation to go crazy with numbers much bigger than that.. Make sure to add the new line between the opening and closing brace lines.

And that’s it. I actually have mine set to 250, and love it. I am running the latest Beta (11.1.1N as of this writing) and love it. Makes a big difference, especially ‘cos I’m just logging footage at the moment!

I always like to start the cameras rolling while pointing at the Clapboard so the thumbnail tells me the Shot and Take just by looking at it, without scrubbing. Speeds things up a lot. But, the default Large tile size was too small to read some of the slates, so I hit up the forum, and within a short time had that workaround. The Lightworks forums are very helpful, and the developers are very much involved.

Hope this is of some use to you.

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas