Freeware Compressor – good for Rock music

Hey everybody,

I just came across a cool little compressor, which is good if you compose Rock/Metal music like me… and it’s free! Can’t argue with that now, can you?

So, if you’re looking for a new compressor, give this one a go. In the article I’m re-posting, it even has a little demo:

Sir Elliot LRC-II + Little Black Box – Freeware compressor

Little Black Box is a compressor that offers low dynamics. It is more suited for Rock Music where it is common to use a lot of compression to make things louder than it appears.

Sir Elliot Little Black Box Bench Test from Sir Elliot on Vimeo.


Input Level: 0 to 11

Threshold: -1.5 dB to 40 dB

Ratio: 0 to 0.9:1

Attack: 44 Milliseconds (Maximum)

Release: 1.5 Seconds (Maximum)

Loudness: 0 to 11

Squash, Low, Middle, & High controls

Roll-off Filters

Squash: Squash enables you to restrict the peaks while allowing the continuous average levels to pass through. Used correctly (with the compressor), you can optimise the overall loudness in the mix. Used incorrectly, it will create a lot of distortion. The results of this control will vary on how much distortion you are willing to accept to achieve an overly loud mix.

Overload Protection: Overload Protection prevents clipping. Upon engaging the Overload Protection switch, you need not to worry about any overshoots reaching 0 dB. Bear in mind 0 dB means no headroom hence clipping. As with the Squash controls, it can create distortion if it is driven beyond its limits.

The master LED meters that comes with your DAW should always be used for monitoring the overall levels. Your ears override everything. If you encounter your settings sound irritating at low levels, you are using little black box incorrectly by having the continuous average levels and peaks too close together (narrow ratio).