Free Weekly Loops from is a site that sells loops for anything from Cinematic Sound Design to Hip Hop, to Metal. Although their main target is Sony’s Acid Xpress (of which you can download a free lite version), you can use their loops in any program that can read .WAV files.

What’s best, is that they give away free 8-packs roughly every week, here.

Originally the packs contained 8 loops and an Acid Xpress project using them, but now the number of loops has expanded and changes every time.

If you’ve been following them as long as I have, you’ll have a hefty collection.

I, personally, love and use Ableton Live, and have no issue using these samples.

They come in varied genres each week, some I like, some not so much, but I’ve resorted to these loops many times to add a little flavor or spice to my compositions… and you can’t argue with FREE!

So, if you, or anyone you know create any type of music, you should definitely bookmark this page and check it every week.

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker