FREE Synth from Native Instruments

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And thanks for checking out my website. I hope it has helped you in your endeavors!!

And that’s right, NI are giving away a cool little synth called SKANNER, and if you like electronic music, you’ll love the synth! Check out the demos.. pretty cool stuff. And it’s FREE! Can’t argue with that. You will need at least the latest free Reaktor Player.

From their website:

SKANNER – our holiday gift for you: Stephan Schmitt’s raucous and exciting new synth is available for download now. SKANNER can be used either with the latest version (5.6.2) of the freeREAKTOR 5 PLAYER, orREAKTOR 5.6.2.

Play samples like a synth – SKANNER will rip through your holiday lethargy.



You can use for electronic music, you can even use it for sound design or scoring for film.

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker