Free Stock Footage Pack from Videocopilot.Net

Hey everyone, if you’re an After Effects user, and have never been to, you’re in for a heck of a treat!

First of all, they have a long list of free motion graphics tutorials, specifically for After Effects, coupled with project files you can download and examine, tweak, after watching the videos.

They also recently added a Blog Show, which is a video-blog where Andrew Kramer, the site’s owner, talks about different topics, such as behind the scenes of some of his tutorials, etc.

At any rate, they are now giving away some free stock footage… and it looks really good… so, regardless of what motion graphics tool you use, go download this pack!

On top of everything, they’re doing a 10% off sale in their store, and that means you can get some really great tools for your motion graphics work. Although all plugins are designed for After Effects, they have other tools that can be used in Apple’s Motion, Blender, or other compositor of your choice.

Val Gameiro