Free Instrument for Kontakt 4 by Acoustic Samples

And in keeping with the recent trend of folks giving cool stuff away for Xmas, Acoustic Samples, who make instruments for use in the Kontakt 4 sampler (if you only have the free Kontakt 4 player, you can only use these for a few minutes at a time, and then have to restart your DAW to use it again).

They have 2 free instruments going:

UDU Free (a Nigerian side hole pot drum, which produces some cool ethnic sounds)

Drum Taste Free (a Rick Marotta Signature Hipgig drum set with paiste cymbals, which has a smooth jazzy sound)

If you don’t have Kontakt 4, you can download their free player here, but these instruments also work in earlier versions of KONTAKT (v 2 or newer), or samplers who support EXS24 and SFZ.

They also have a special going on for 30% off all their products until Dec 31st, 2010, so if you’re looking for some guitar, bass, drums or keys instruments, go have a look  🙂

The New Year is almost upon us… I hope you make big plans for the coming 12 months, and that you make ’em come true 🙂

Val Gameiro