Finished cutting new trailer for 7 Shades Of Lenity

My wife (Rita Quinn) and I, in case you don’t know, wrote, directed and produced (or rather, are still producing) a sci-fi webseries shot and taking place in Austin, Texas, called 7 Shades of Lenity, or 7SoL for short.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you can check out t he new trailers below, or go to the 7 Shades of Lenity series website to get more information.

We just completed the new trailer for the show, and have uploaded it all over the net… spread it around 🙂

7 Shades of Lenity Trailer on youtube

7 Shades of Lenity Trailer on dailymotion

7 Shades of Lenity Trailer on Facebook

7 Shades of Lenity Trailer on

The Vimeo version is uploading and should be done soon.

If you want to help us, check out the trailer and leave us some nice feedback 🙂  and, if you really like it, and the series, forward it to your friends 🙂

The next installment is coming out any day now, and we only have 1 more scene to edit, and do end credits, etc.

I hope you like it: