Cool Offering from IK Multimedia

For those of you who are composers or musicians, this is a heck of a deal…  whether you’re scoring for a short film or a complex soundtrack for a feature film, there are sample packs for all tastes.

IK Multimedia is “giving away” a bunch of sample packs when you buy SampleTank XT 2.5 for $50 — and since it’s a Group Buy, the more people buy it, the more free packs we get.

Right now, the tally is up to 4 packs. If more of us purchase, the count will increase to 5, and so on.

It started at 1 free pack + SampleTank, and how it’s at 3 + SampleTank for a total of 4 packs… for $50? Well worth it.

And the sounds are pretty cool too.

Check it out!