Bad Words – Fuck the critics – #SXSW2014

You never know what the critics are going to say, but fuck the cocksuckers!
I’m kidding… If you haven’t seen Jason Bateman’s Bad Words, you’re in for a treat, and my use off cuss words will make a lot more sense!
It’s probably not what you’re expecting, and it blew my socks off. Very wrong, but extremely funny moments that had me and my beautiful wife, Rita, rolling. My good friend Bobby Sargent, was there too, and it turns out he doubled Jason Bateman in the past, and he loved it too.
There’s something special about sharing the film with the director, cast, and crew, and last night’s showing didn’t disappoint. Probably helps being in a room with film lovers.
I apologize for being a bit vague, but I don’t want to give anything away.
It was Jason as I’ve never seen him before, in an unexpected role in an unexpected story. I can’t think of a single moment I was not in the story and loving it.
The Q&A afterwards was very endearing, and you got to see the most amazing 10 year old jump out of the screen and onto the stage… He was adorable, and he was believable.
The leading lady did a fantastic job. Loveable, funny… unexpected bedroom scene… sure to be the talk of all the couples in attendance.
Enough said… go see it! And if anybody tells you not too… fuck ’em. 😉
Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker