Another Fantastic Freebie from Detonation Films

If you haven’t heard of Detonation Films and you’re into explosions, gunfire and the like… you’re missing out!

Especially if you’re an indie filmmaker with not much money!

Bob and John Forward have been blowing things up for the lens for a long time, and they have a very wide selection on their sites:

(One for SD one for HD footage)

And if you get on their list (which you should), you get freebies like this – hurry, the link doesn’t stay up forever! (download link in RED)

Greetings, frenzied filmmakers!


We hope that whatever holiday you are celebrating this season is bringing you joy!  We ourselves have been (no surprise) setting things on fire — including, unfortunately, our expensive greenscreen when one of our black smoke and flame effects blew itself end-over-end and singed a huge smoking crater in our backdrop.


However, the resulting scorchmark was so cool we ended up doing a bunch more, and we have pre-keyed them as well.  We also filmed the flaming pops we used to create the scorchmarks, and since we have now purchased the Twixtor software to add extra slo-mo to our miniature effects, we combined the works into a nice package, which you can find in HD here:


And in DV here:


We also did some fire-and-black-smoke from rectangular openings, Twixtorixed and pre-keyed those as well, and you may find them useful for quick establishers of burning windows and doors.  You can find them in HD here:


And DV here:


Plus we’ve done some things like Pre-Keyed Rain of Money, Pre-Keyed Land Mines, and Pre-Keyed RPGS, all of which you can check out at your leisure.  They’re available in DV as well.


And finally, just because we could, we took a nice clear photo of the moon in HD resolution, pre-keyed it, and placed it on both sites for free.  But for you people on The List, we have included it in our special E-Z Download package, along with a free HD-resolution scorch mark AND a sweet DV pop in both standard and Twixtorized speeds.  You’ll find that little holiday present right here:


Remember!  That link will expire in a few days and it will NOT be re-uploaded just because you used a disposable account which you don’t check very often.  You snooze, you lose.


NOTE:  As requested by our new emailer, we need to remind you that this list was opt-in only; you’re receiving these messages because you asked specifically to be included.  But no worries!  If you have changed our mind, there is a link at the top to have yourself removed. And for the rest of you — thanks for letting us be part of your projects!   You keep making your movies, and we’ll keep blowing stuff up!



Bob and John Forward

Detonation Films


Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas

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