A message from my mom…

We are immigrants… my family. We’ve been happy in the US for many years. The US has been good to us.

But we’re seeing the same rhetoric of  the Socialist, the dawning of the iron fist of the Fascist… all under the guise of “hope” and “help!”

Here’s what she had to say to her Senator, John Cornyn (a neocon) — go mom!


Dear Senator John Cornyn

Chairman of the National Republic Senatorial Committee

My husband and I have just become citizens after a long process and waiting. We came to the US many years ago, as legal immigrants, my husband in 1994 and I joined him 12 years ago. We believed that this was the greatest nation on Earth and the only part of the world where Communism would not touch. You see, we were born in Portugal, but lived most of our lives in Mozambique, Africa, a Portuguese colony until 1975. By then, because of international interests and pressures, the place where we grew up and our sons were born was given to a bunch of terrorists and there was a lot of bloodshed. We were very lucky to escape alive but we lost all our possessions, the fruit of our parents and our honest work and dedication to the land. We re-started our lives in South Africa, only to go through the same type of wars again, and 2 years later I had to take my children and go to Portugal where my parents had returned in 1975. I was an MD, and I needed to finish my Internship and Specialty, and in order to do that I needed my parents’ help to look after my children while I was busy working and creating my career. Life was very difficult because at that time Portugal was starting to get out of a Communist coup and there was political turmoil. The people hated the ones like us that had returned to the homeland (Portugal), because they were led to believe that all the bad things happening in Portugal were our fault. There was no work, not because the government politics were the wrong ones, but because of us; they did not have enough water, not because there had been a drought, but because we took too many showers! So much ignorance being manipulated by the “ideologists” trying to turn brother against brother, “divide and conquer”. For the family unity and support, my husband and I endured a lot during all those years until one day, when the children were grown up, we said enough is enough, Portugal has no future. Socialism and its entitlement programs had impoverished the country, emptied its once full coffers, reduced productivity, ended competitivety, corruption was everywhere and at all levels of government, and caused most medium and small business to go bankrupt. There was no hope for us or for the younger generation. At that time with great financial burden we had sent our sons to a university in England, so they would have a better chance in the work world. I had to work 3 jobs, one full time and 2 part time ( I’m an anesthesiologist  that in Portugal doesn’t make much money  because there is mostly Public Health, meaning too much work and very little pay; nurses made more than  doctors because they were unionized and used strikes to enforce their will). In 1994 my husband was offered a position in a company in the USA. I told him to take the chance and I stayed behind to insure my sons could finish their education. It turned out to be a good decision because things are not easy for legal immigrants in this country. Four years later I joined my husband and I love every minute of my life in Texas. I found no greater people on Earth, very generous and friendly. Both my sons came to the States by themselves, are happily married and we have been blessed with wonderful grandchildren. It is for them that I worry very much when I see the way this country is going. I studied the Constitution first to educate myself and integrate in this society, and later to prepare for my citizenship that happened on December 15th 2009, the best gift I could have wished for. I fell in love with this country the first day I set foot on it, in 1984 when I came to visit a pain Clinic in San Antonio and accompany my husband to one of the meetings he used to attend and participate in his line of business. He is a Mechanical Engineer specialized in Industrial Refrigeration and Energy Conservation, has several registered patents and is very well respected by his peers. He became a citizen too on December 11th 2009. It hurts my heart when I see that the good values that kept this civilization going are disappearing before our eyes, politicians are tripping on the Constitution, special interests buy Senator’s votes, those Senators that the people candidly elected in the hopes of being represented and defended by! It is becoming more like the country I left behind in 1997 and used to call my own, Portugal.

We changed continents 3 times, running away from terrorism and communism, but enough is enough and we are prepared to fight by using the right to vote. This is our country now too, we love it so much that we wouldn’t like to see it go down the drain, and loose our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that the Founding Fathers fought for so bravely, the best inheritance We the People could wish for.

Here is the problem, we are conservatives but we don’t trust the Republican Party either. We hope that you will prove us wrong until the new elections with concrete objectives and determinations, denouncing corruption and behind the door deals and a commitment to not do the same. We want a party we can trust, a party that puts the values of this country above personal interests and defends the interests of its people. We need reform in the health care, but not with the Bill that the Democrats want to enforce. As a retired doctor and having to use the actual system, I can see that not all is well, but can be improved to the benefit of all that need it. Obamacare follows the same pattern that failed in Europe.

We are tired of hatred, mistrust and dishonesty. There is already a great burden for the American people with the problem of terrorism. Let us unite and prepare for that. I lived in fear for more than a decade in Mozambique and South Africa. I saw horror happening before my very eyes. I know that fanatics don’t listen to reason. I tried that approach while treating the wounded that hated me just because of the color of my skin (white). They did not care that we were taking good care of them (there had been a riot in a village). They wanted to keep their hate alive so they were cursing and spiting on us while being treated and saved from death. Indoctrination makes one see only what they were taught to see. We hope it will not happen here as well. Let’s have a strong strategy, define who the enemy is and not be afraid to call it by its name. Let the people take responsibility and participate in the defense of the country by being alert and informed.

We are sorry we cannot help you financially at this time, the crisis that is affecting the country has been affecting us for more than a year, there is no business going on, those who have money to invest don’t, because they distrust the government and I don’t blame them (I know by experience what happens in a socialist country, we lived in one) and those who need financing can’t get it because the banks are not lending, even when the investor puts half as collateral. This situation needs immediate attention – unless it’s being done on purpose by the government. So, we are only returning your dollar.

I’m not sure you or your staff will ever read this letter, but I’m sending it anyway. I hope you’re not just interested in a check that might come in the mail, and the concerns of your constituency are not important to you, which would be a shame. I sincerely hope you are an honest person that take is job seriously and want to be on the side of We the People.