Why does the Government want the GPS co-ordinates to your front door?

And why does it not surprise me to learn that this whole initiative involve a lot of tax-payer money ($700 million) and a big corporation (ACORN)?

What possible legitimate use can there be? What possible illegitimate uses?

What about privacy? What if that information were to fall into the wrong hands? Heaven knows governments are the worst administrators… if they can’t even enforce the laws that secure our borders, how can they secure such sensitive information? Do the census workers go through an extensive background check? Are their apparatus’ so secure that they themselves can’t extract that data for their own purposes?

Is the data encrypted when stored so census workers can’t read it?

Why isn’t the mainstream media talking or warning people about it? If it were legit, why wouldn’t they ask for people’s co-operation? Are they afraid people would say HELL NO!!!!

Are we still the Land of the Free? Or are we just numbers in a Corporate game… pawns to be cataloged and measured for profit and gain… for… control.

I know I can’t trust a politician anyways, all the more one who constantly keeps changing his mind and panders to the big money who gave him his presidency.

Why does he want to know where you live? Maybe we should ask him.