Who do Politicians Think They Are?

Here’s my rant for the day…

If you read the Declaration of Independence, it clearly states that we were endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights.

Doesn’t it stand to reason that if someone gives you a right, that it would take that person or entity or someone above that person or entity to take that right away?

So what does it say about our elected officials that they keep taking our freedoms away?

How? Well, when the country was formed, you were allowed to go anywhere you pleased, and it was nobody’s business. You could walk, ride a horse or a coach or whatever, at any public place or time of day. Nowadays, you need a license to drive your car, and you need to pay a fee to even own a car.

You used to have a right to bear arms, and even though the Supreme Court recently defended that right, Barack Hussein Obama’s anti-gun legislation in Illinois is still standing, and now they’re trying to pass a gun ban on semi-auto weapons. Of course, they have all the great reasons for this, despite the fact that crime went up 70% in Illinois when the ban took place, and that Kennesaw, GA who has a city ordinance requiring everyone to own a gun and ammunition, has the lowest crime rate in the nation.

And now, this… you used to have the right to grow your own food, but now big lobbies for Monsanto and such companies are working hard to pass laws to stop you because “you don’t meet their safety standards.”

And worse… In Missouri, the MIAC just issued a document stating that if you support the Constitution, Ron Paul, or any of the symbols that represent the spirit of Freedom in this country — even the founding fathers — you will be considered a militia member and potential domestic terrorist… look, you just lost your 1st amendment. You can’t even say what you feel without fear of being put on a list.

Taking a step back, the Bill of Rights was put there to give limits to the Government. It’s clear that the founding fathers wanted to curtail the activity of the federal government and the rest of the rights, belong to the States or to the people.

So, our rights came from God, and we, as a people, drafted documents giving some of those rights to the government, that they can keep us safe and free. All elected officials are supposed to uphold and defend the Constitution — they all swear that. That WE do not hold their feet to the fire on that, is a shame on us!!!

But either way, following my logic, if God gave us those rights, only God or someone above God could take them away, no?

Then who the hell do our elected officials think they are? Aren’t they OUR employees?

Would you, as a business owner, pay to see your office manager start working?

What would you do, as a business owner, if your office manager suddenly told you you couldn’t drive your car through your factory without a license issued by him/her?

What if they told you that you’d be arrested if you came to work, in your own factory, with a sticker from a competing company?

Would you listen? Or would you fire the person?

Now, I know politicians are NOT God. Ergo, they must feel they are above God in order to take our God-given rights away, and dictate how we should live — even though that might go against our beliefs and principles.

Isn’t that what we’re letting them do? Isn’t that a little pretentious of them?

My family has witnessed the slow take over of Socialism 2 times already. In Africa, and in Europe… we are now witnessing it in The Land of the Free.

Who the heck do we think THEY are? Certainly not God…