What does one do?

What do we do, when the people we named to protect us, start protecting their interests, and their friends’ interests?

Do we lay down, and wait, for the inevitable?

Do we pretend it’s not there? Do we drown out the horror and disgust by changing the channel?

Do we believe every word on the TV as if it were the prophet of our century?

What can we do?

Who can conceive of such betrayal as those in power? Like pieces of a convoluted chess puzzle, we’re moved here and there, ordered about like helpless infants… or… more apropos, cogs. Cogs in a money-making machine.

How easy it is to see these messages on TV and on film and simply think it fantasy or fiction… or conspiracy theory.

How quickly we forget the countless bodies lying in cold graves in the wake Adolf Hitler, and the National Socialism (Nazi) party.

How quickly too we forget the Cold War, and how easily we’re distracted with news of Global Warming from a man who stood to profit a Nobel Prize and a lot of money — coincidentally the same Nobel Prize awarded to Yasser Arafat (a terrorist), and to a President who talks about openess, but whose first order of Presidential business was to pass EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489, banning the release of any of his records… something to hide?

How easy it is to believe we still have a voice when electronic voting machines plot to steal our voice — and the people in power turn a blind eye to the testimonies of experts that say — it’s not safe, it’s hackable, it’s controllable.

Before you label me a skeptic or a conspiracy theorist… let me remind you of Burma/Myanmar… a dictatorship housing the world’s largest CHILD ARMY, a huge human trafficking industry, and a complete violation of Human Rights which make the former USSR look like Disneyland… if you don’t believe me, visit some of the websites that expose their crimes… they’re not conspiracy.

And where we are, focusing our attention on Global Warming while our children are kidnapped from our communities and forced into slavery and prostitution… an industry that makes a lot of money, and hence can bribe a lot of people. In these difficult times, who could blame one for turning a blind eye? After all, they’re not our children… or are they?

With so much happening all at the same time, it’s a wonder we’re not already in the soup.

My homeland was once under a dictatorship – Salazar – and he was overthrown by Communists – that didn’t make good change. And they too raped and plundered the land. That’s the thing about Uncle Joe Stalin — it’s all about the people when you’re talking, but when you’re done and look down, it’s on the shoulders of the people you’ve been trodding.

But what then, can we do?

When the men in power have thrown all decency away in the name of money and power, what do we do?

When those men in power, use the media an slander to discredit their opponents — like they did in Nazi Germany — and use their power to jail or expatriate people… many people in my country had to flee because they spoke against the regime.

And when power is usurped through lies and deception, there can be no good end or aim.

The mighty prey on the weak, but only because they make US believe we are the weak and THEY the might. Without people, they are nothing.

Without the police to coerce us, without military force, without millions to pay for their propaganda, what minds can they control or countries can they rule?

It is upon our blood that bankers feed and tell rulers how to behave and make us serve. History is re-written to suit the winning side — it’s always been that way since time immemorial.

So, what do we do?

Well, the wrong thing to do is nothing.

Anything is better than nothing.

With a lot of little somethings, and BIG something can occur. A lot of little voices make a loud roar.

Which is why they divide us… Democrats and Republicans. Right and Left. US versus THEM (the terrorists). The more vague and undefined the enemy, the more one can make it seem like they’re everywhere and out to get us.

They have to use US against ourselves, for they are small and their hearts are mere burnt-out coals. Dark and useless.

What can we do? We can be people, and recognize that everyone is “people.” The police officer arresting a thief, the soldier being told he’s protecting us from foreign enemies – the same people who may be one day turned against us, to do the bidding of those in power.

Let us all remember we are all the same. We all want to be happy and do our duty, and want our friends to do well and be happy.

There’s a very small segment of the population whose behavior is intended to harm… when they end up in positions of power, like an international banking cartel, or government… we all suffer.

Let us recognize the quietly insane (not the guys in the institutions) like the warmongers and those who make money on people’s suffering, and let’s tell them to stop. Let’s put them in FEMA camps or Fusion Centers. Let’s tag them with RFID chips so we may all know they are insane and likely to cause the downfall of those around them.

Let’s become educated on that matter.

If we hear a stupid idea, let’s tell people: “That’s stupid!” Let’s not be afraid to say what we have observed. When your City Council is turning greedy and ignoring their duties, let’s tell them, let’s vote them out — we do have to pay attention though. We have to look and listen… and we have to continue to do so, for the greedy insane never stop plotting, never stop scheming and when we thwart one project, they come up with another.

The good thing is… we really can do something about it. So long as we hold fast to our integrity, come hell or high water… we will prevail.

If you’re been brave enough to read this far… I thank you 🙂 I value your readership.

A lot on my mind tonight!

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