We can make a difference

Gov. Perry (probably because he’s gunning for votes to run for Governor in 2010 — yuck!) vetoed SB1440 which would take parents’ God-given rights away and give the government the right to stick ’em in a psych institution — can you smell the Big Pharma bucks at play here? — with no recourse for us. What are we, cattle? Just pop ’em out and let the government sort ’em out? I can see it now, barcodes and RFID chips for everyone, and use the cattle prod if we get too rowdy or recalcitrant?

Thank goodness enough of us put enough pressure on the Governor.

Now, we have to explain to our State legislature that they are NOT representing us, and fire all the people who had the nerve to pass a bill that would take our kids away!

Moral of this story? WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Now, let’s keep Perry and KBH from the Governorship next year, and we may yet continue to be the Lonestar State, instead of our current path of being another Big Money Corporation state.