Vote Down SB220


Tell then to please represent the people… not Cintra… not foreign corporations… not big money!

With Gov. Perry’s recent pretty speech on Texas sovereignty, this bill is the Anti-Robin Hood bill, taking from the poor and giving it to the rich… and on existing roads that are already paid for.

This is a disgrace. We seem to have so few representatives with integrity these days, at both Federal and State level.

It seems every day we are raped by the very people we elected to protect and serve us.

Where has Texas pride gone, when Montana passes a bill guaranteeing 2nd amendment rights to their citizens, and we only talk about it? How is it that Oklahoma passes a bill telling the government to mind their Constitutionally-given duties, and we… nothing! We’re still talking about it.

And why in Creation would we give away OUR hard-earned dollars to a FOREIGN corporation? What would the people at the Alamo think? How about San Jacinto? Is that why their blood was spilled? They fought for our sovereignty and right to be our own Country and eventually a State of the Union, and we give it all away?

Is that what is to become of Texas? The Lone Star glory sold for a fist full of dollars?

Please support the people who voted you in, not the big corporations who would pay for your campaign. Not all the money in the world can keep you elected when the entire population is against you.

You are our voice. Let it be heard. BAN the TTC and send the Spaniards back to Spain… tell them to go sell their snake oil to Santa Anna!