Update of my Celtx.jar file to 2.7

With the recent all too groovy update of Celtx to 2.7, I’ve merged my changes with the new .jar file, so you don’t loose neither my functionality, nor the new 2.7 stuff, which I like a lot. Especially on the sketches.

I would be nice if we could group geometrical shapes into a new object and store that in our library, as well as being able to import other SVG shapes.

But, here it is: Celtx 2.7 with Val’s Mods

You’ll need to download the latest version of Celtx from Celtx.com

2 Replies to “Update of my Celtx.jar file to 2.7”

  1. Selva

    Thank you very much for the .jar file. It would be really useful.
    I am now typing in English in celtex. I want to type the screenplay in my native language ‘Tamil’ (one of the Indian languages).I am using a software ‘Azhagi’ using that unicode characters I can type in all Microsoft files (Word,excel,outlook etc).Can I type in celtex also using that font. if so where that font to be installed. You have any idea?

  2. admin

    Man, I have no idea where you’d set up languages in Celtx. I’m Portuguese, so all I have to do is change the keyboard.

    The fonts themselves would go in your font folder, but if those fonts don’t match the English alphabet you need some program like you’re using for Word.

    Celtx is built on the same framework as Mozilla Firefox, so if you can get your characters to work in Firefox, you should be able to use the same method in Celtx.

    You should post this question to the Celtx forum — folks are helpful 🙂

    Good luck

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