What a Director Needs to Know About Casting


If you’re new to directing, you may have heard the term, Casting Director, and as an indie filmmaker, wondered why the heck you’d need one.

Trust me… if you can afford one, you want to use one! I was lucky to know Damon and have him be a part of my feature film, Amnesia.

At any rate, in the video below, which was shot a long time ago, and long before I had studied anything about cinematography, so you’ll have to forgive that. Still, the information is good and useful, and I really do hope you find it of some help.

I’m helping Damon edit a workshop he did on Casting, which I hope to have ready for him later this year, and you won’t want to miss that 🙂

Also, I hope to shot, edit and upload other such interview with key crew members, for those up and coming self-taught directors like me. The more you know, the better at directing you can be 🙂