Thoughts for the New Year (Part 3)

The magic formula that will make a successful movie. But they look at numbers only… sales… and not so much with an audience. Big marketing hype builds our hopes, only to have the movie tear them right down. How many movies did we go see like that?

One thing is for certain: people will always need and want entertainment. People love stories, and people love moving pictures.

The question is, how do we as filmmakers make a living at it? I, for one don’t like handouts, nor the rules or lack of creative control that come with them. I don’t yet know what the answer is, but I know it’s there, and there’s a lot of us looking for it… we’ll find it.

I hope the New Year brings you all the opportunities to make the films you want, and that audiences flock to see them. America was built on ingenuity… that’s us. Let’s continue in that glorius tradition and show those who try to control us that they can’t… that the human spirit will always continue to fight.

Here’s to you!

7SoL Team