Calls Are Needed Right Now

To Stop SB1505…

Your Calls Are Needed Immediately to Keep This Bill From Being Heard in the House!

SB1505 was passed in the Senate, as well as the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee. It is now on its way to the Calendars Committee which means it could be scheduled anytime to be heard in the House!

Please, call the members of the Calendars Committee and tell them you don’t want this bill to be heard in the House:

NOTE: Be sure to get the name of the person you spoke with and note their response.

McCall, Brian D68 Chair Plano     1W.11   512-463-0594

Lucio, EddieD38 VChair Brownsville E1.318 512-463-0606

Garcia, Juan Clerk                 E2.148 512-463-0758

Chavez, Norma D76 El Paso          GN.8   512-463-0622

Coleman, Garnet D147 Houston       GW.17  512-463-0524

Cook, Byron D8 Corsicana           E2.508 512-463-0730

Creighton, Brandon D16 Conroe      E1.424 512-463-0726

Geren, Charlie D99 Fort Worth      E2.308 512-463-0610

Keffer, Jim D60 Eastland           E2.418 512-463-0656

Kolkhorst, Lois D13 Brenham        E2.318 512-463-0600

Kuempel, Ed D44 Seguin             3N.6   512-463-0602

McReynolds, Jim D12 Lufkin         1W.3   512-463-0490

Ritter, Alan D21 Nederland         E2.406 512-463-0706

Solomons, Burt D65 Carrollton      E1.420 512-463-0478

“SB1505 is nothing less than state-sanctioned ‘bounty hunting’…”

Under this bill, a judge could order you into psychiatric treatment as a condition of bail just because he/she “felt like it” not because you are a danger to self or others!

Even worse, if you didn’t comply with psychiatric treatment, you could be re-arrested!

And you could be ordered to reside in a psych facility or group home during the period of your bail while you await your trial!

Talking Points for SB1505:

  • If persons already in mental health treatment are showing up in our jails, the mental health system must not be working.  This bill would just expand an already huge revolving door between psychiatric drugging and jail.
  • The right thing to do is to investigate our local Mental Health and Mental Retardation (MHMR) centers and find out why, in spite of tens of millions of dollars in crisis-funding, the crisis continues to grow.
  • Civil rights can be violated in this scenario.  The definition of bail is “the state of release upon being bailed”.  In this case, there is no “release” only incarceration in a mental health facility.

Why not make the existing mental health system work?

Call the office at (512) 428-9840 or (800) 572-2905 or return this email to confirm you made calls and give feedback.