Still Casting for Feature Film: Bridge to Redemption

This is not the type of thing I normally post, but, since I am heavily involved in making this independent action thriller, Bridge to Redemption, which is scheduled to be shot in and around Austin, Texas later this year, you’ll have to forgive me!

Although we’ve received quite a lot of submissions, we are still looking for more candidates for the roles below.

Please send an e-mail to casting _at_ TXSTARentertainment _dot_ com including your name and role in the subject line, and attach your headshot and resume (in Word or PDF form). If you have other pictures of yourself, do submit those as well.

Any experience with motorcycles and/or stunts is a plus.

PLEASE do not send web photos, or pictures that are too small, or out of focus.

If you’ve already submitted, we don’t need to see your submission again. We are looking for very specific looks.

BILLY early 30’s, handsome Billy is Ashley’s boyfriend and helps her run the bar, and has a chip on his shoulder about Cody. He also owns a big rottweiler. He was lucky enough to have his car break down in front of Ashley’s house and they’ve been together ever since. He’s protective of her, and a little overbearing, the kind of guy that can be set off easily, but always careful of it in front of Ashley.
CODY 18-24, good looking w/country boy charm Cody is a young man with a dream, whose life gets turned upside down one fateful day, leaving him make up for the damage done, and more. ambitious and dreaming about making it big, he’s fighting to redeem himself and his family name and reputation in the eyes of the people. After getting out of prison, he has to be nice but is ready to explode at any minute due to his rising frustration. A small town doesn’t forget, especially when the sheriff is out to send him back in.
DEPUTY GATES 30s, nice-looking well-built, well-educated African-American man The county assigned him to Sheriff Eally who bombards him with racial slurs, yet he remains cool
HODGES 50-60s A boastful, overweight traveling salesman with more swagger and credit cards than good sense. He never met a stranger, and week do anything to be the center of attention.
MINNI Late 60s A short, pale freckled heavy older lady with red hair who smokes a pipe. She is set in her ways and direct.
MR. THOMPSON Late 60s The owner. Warm, tender, giving man, who’s accepted the task of raising his granddaughter. He’s struggling with dealing with an adolescent girl in the 21st century. Long great hair, possibly beard.
STRYKER Late 30s Handsome. Not muscular. Looks like Ted Bundy. charismatic. A chameleon. A convicted brutal killer.
TRACY Early to mid Mid 20s Typical cowgirl, coming out of her clothes, 3 sizes too small. A walking show boat, too damn happy. Flirts with everybody for the big tips.
WOMAN Mid 30s Flighty. thinks she’s more beautiful than she is. Has a higher opinion of herself than others. Involves a tasteful romantic scene.
YOUNG GUY 20s Smart ass, well built, but has never been to prison. Cocky.