Ah, now I get to plug my own sites, and those of some of my friends 🙂

Rita Quinn Photography – my wife’s photography site. She takes some amazing pictures. You HAVE to go check it out! :o)

Ideal Scene Productions – an Austin-based film production company ran by me and my lovely wife, Rita, and our 2 doggies, Bella and Mia. You will find links to some of my filmmaking endeavors, along with songs I’ve written, and other miscellany.

7 Shades of Lenity – this is my first webseries, and has information on the storylines, characters, actors, crew, etc.

Project Lenity – the sister site to the above one, where we learn about the characters in the story and their past actions, as analyzed and observed by the main villain, Dr. Helgesson. It’s his knowledge base, and you have to register to read the content (it’s a top secret program after all). – a pilot for a post-apocalyptic webseries, taking place after the Earth’s surface is wiped out by a meteor (a la 2012), and tells the story of 2 heroes and their misadventures in rediscovering the surface (topside) which they were told was deserted. – a pilot for an alternate-reality webseries where the main character is a vampire. Since this is still in its early stages of pre-production, I can’t leak any more information.

My friends’ sites:

American Freedom Radio – an Austin-based internet radio station, owned and ran by my good friend Danny Romero. He’s the host to a lot of great shows, including Deadline Live, by my friend Jack Blood (awesome radio host, also a part of my webseries, 7 Shades of Lenity)

Deadline Live – the website for Jack Blood’s radio program. If you’re concerned about the state of the affairs of our country and don’t trust the government, Jack’s got a lot of information about why you should feel that way, along with ideas to stop the destruction of our American dream.

Melton Media – my friend, DP and actor, Terrel J. Melton. He’s a great DP, and a funny guy! I learned a lot about my HVX200 camera and how to shoot from Terry. He has the know-how and the gear to get an amazing shot! – my friend Brandon Boggs’ computer consulting site. If you need anything PC-related, you should knock on his door — he has many years of successful service! He can set up websites too! He is also an amazing DP and steadycam operator (along with other nifty film gear), and a great guy. So, if you need that, he’s a great man to see.

:papercutz – an amazing electro-acoustic band from Portugal. Great people, great music. I first met them at SXSW 2010, and have been a fan ever since! You gotta check ’em out.

Partners in Rhyme – a really cool site chock-full of great sound effects, music loops and all kinds of sound goodies for your film productions, including free clips.

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