Quick Update to my Celtx mods to 2.9.1

Ok, this isn’t the final version, but I wanted to at least put something up here quickly.

This file only has my fields added to the records, such as Character, Location, etc.

I’ll have to go back and make the Javascript functions work, but at least, for now, you can open old scripts and still see the info in the new fields I created — if you’ve been using my modded celtx.jar file, you know what I mean.

So, here it is, let’s consider it a Beta:


I’m in pre-production on my very first feature (in casting at the moment) so I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back to fixing the celtx.jar file, but I’ll do it as soon as I can.

You may also note I added a couple of new fields I thought of, and made some bold so the printouts would look nicer.

Let me know if you have any problems, and good luck on your projects!

Val Gameiro

Writer, Director, Filmmaker

Austin, Texas


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  1. admin

    You may need to download 7Zip (freeware uncompression program), although Winrar and Winzip should also know what to do with the file. Once you have the .jar file, you can just replace that file.

    Are you getting any particular error message?

  2. Andreas

    Hi, I did not find any way to contact you, so I use the comments.

    I am HATING the Celtx text-editor and now, that they took out the simple text file item, it got even worse (I do a lot of notes). I would like to change the editor and add the text item back. Also I dislike the vanishing of the single cards (actor,location,etc.), which now only appear as part of the tables. I wat to change this, too. Do you know what code creates it? Do you have any entry point? Also into the “Add new item” function?

    I think about creating my changes as a free AddOn, so there is less trouble with the main files, when updating.

    I would be happy to hear from you. Even if you can not help me out, just so I know, you came around my post. Thanks a lot!


  3. admin

    Hi Andreas,

    I’m sorry to hear that!

    If you just want text notes use the Novel template — it’s the same thing, but with some enhancements.

    Adding items to the New Item function is way beyond me. No idea where to even start.

    I don’t know if this will help, but with regard to character, etc. – if you add a catalog of that type, you can then add records inside that catalog without having to pick a type of record. Hope that makes sense. Create a Character catalog, and then open the catalog up and click the Add button there, and it’ll automatically create a Character record.

    Not as easy I know.

    The other way, and the most common for me to do, is I add those records by marking up the script.

    On the sidebar, I click the 3rd tab which gives you the script markup items. Then I highlight some text, select the type of records I want (e.g. wardrobe, prop, etc.)

    Wish I could be of more help! Have you tried posting in the forums? Steve Pick has been very helpful to me.



    Val Gameiro
    Writer, Director, Filmmaker
    Austin, Texas

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