New Site with FREE Real WAR Stock Footage

Hi y’all, just chanced upon this site earlier this morning and thought it would be worth a post. The site is called and the category I happened into is WAR IN IRAQ. And they have some FREE lo-res clips (640×480) of some really cool clips.

They have missile launchers firing, rocket launchers, explosions, heavy assault rifle fire, helicopter shots… real nifty stuff! And if you’re just compositing to a green-screened TV, for instance, the lo-res shouldn’t be an issue. Or, if you’re doing an anti-war (but pro troop) music video like me, you can always pile them onto the screen to fill the frame and get away with it on an HD frame.

You can check them out here:

They also have Full HD versions (1920×10180) of the same clips, for $25 each, so nothing to break the bank (unless you’re looking for a lot of quantity).

Hope this helps,

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas