New Freebie from Detonation Films

If you’re on their e-mail newsletter of the great Detonation Films, you will have already received this… if not, you should get on it… they have really cool products and some really cool freebies for your low/no budget projects:

“Greetings, fellow film fiddlers, game gurus, animation aces, and stop-motion sages!

Once again it is time to throw the fine folks at Gmail into a panic due to the immense size of this List — now several thousand strong, Gmail only lets us send out batches of 500 before they shut us down for 24 hours.  So we send out these announcements to 500 of you, get shut down for 24 hours, send out another 500, get shut down again — and so the week wears on.  But it’s okay, because we love you.  HOWEVER!  If for any reason you want off this list, please just let us know.  We’d be happy to trim it down a bit.

So!  New stuff to announce, and more a-comin’ fairly soon.  Recent rainy weather followed by clear blue skies meant that Bob and John could blow stuff up without worrying about the possibility of setting anything on fire besides themselves.  So there’s three new batches of pre-keyed multiple explosion collections available, in both HD (here, here, and here) and in DV (here).

We also had a client request some specific smoke footage seen from above so he could use it in an aerial shot of a ruined city.  We did this, and at his suggestion we are offering it to the public as well, in case you need such a thing.  Came out pretty nice.  The HD version is here, and the DV version is here.

The DV Downsmokes contains a freebie, but for you special people on The List we have of course given you a nice snappy special download link for it, AND we have included the HD version as well!  Download that goodie here, but don’t delay, because once it expires, you’re SOL, and given the 24-hour holds Gmail keeps putting on us, the deadline may be closer than you think.

Good luck with your projects, and as always, you keep making your movies, and we’ll keep blowing stuff up!


Bob and John Forward
Detonation Films