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New App Reveals the Truth About What Big Artists Make on Record Deals


I want to make you immediately aware of a benefit for you that I have been working on for a number of years.

It’s a way for artists to always know how much they are owed for any music deal (recording, publishing, merchandise, endorsement) and conversely, for labels, production companies, aggregators, managers, etc to always know how much they are making on commissions from their artists and songwriters.  Journalists can also use it for research on artists and labels and Educators will find it invaluable in teaching how recording contracts really pay.

Inappropriately named “Royalty Calculator,” for marketing purposes, it’s a free App that hit the Apple App store a few days ago and I want you to be the first to download, use and review it.

If you have an Apple device, just go to the App store and type in “Moses Avalon” in the search function.  You may get a few results but the one we are focusing on today is called the “Moses Avalon Royalty Calculator.” (It’s also called MyRecord Deal.) And I have one more request before you jump there.

I know many of you have wanted to make some small contribution to my site for all the free information and discounts I offer to those of you on my list and who follow me on Twitter.

This App is a chance to do that.  The free version is ad supported, so, please click on the ads. It costs you nothing but we get a few pennies each time you click on one and those pennies ultimately offset the high cost of producing the App.

There is also a Pro version of the App for $4.99 and several cool ad-ons for 99 cents.  A large portion of this money (like 50%) goes to my Artists’ Rights Advocacy Fund.  This fund allows me to remain ad-free and agenda-free so you get my unbiased opinion on music scams and other issues that affect your career and your rights. If you ever bought a service on my website for under $300, you were a benefactor of this Fund.  I’m hoping you’ll take a minute to give a little back.

All it takes is a tap of your finger.

Click here (or below) if you’re ready to help and get a fun, educational App, or keep reading about the App’s features below. If you don’t have an iThing, don’t worry we’ll be coming to Android soon.

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Moses Avalon Royalty Calculator.



App Description

MyRecord Deal (The Moses Avalon Royalty Calculator)

They say crime doesn’t pay, but does music? You’d be surprised how little most of the time and how much some of the time.

Do you ever wonder how much Lady GaGa, U2, or Eminem make from their platinum records?

How about if you are a recording artist or songwriter and want to know if your record label or publisher is reporting royalties accurately, or if the contract you’re being offered is worth the advance?

Wonder no more.

MyRecod Deal is a complete, no nonsense App that calculates the profits and losses generated by virtually any US record or publishing deal. It’s both a serious tool for music professionals and a fun App for those curious about how much a hit song is actually worth. There has never been a more comprehensive tool that reveals the startling truth about how music pays.

Created by top music-business consultant, best-selling author of music business texts and artists’ rights advocate Moses Avalon, MyRecord Deal, is a mobile app version of his popular “MARC” (Moses Avalon Royalty Calculator) which has been in use by music-business professionals and educators for over a decade.

MyRecord Deal includes all MARC’s famous features but has been greatly expanded and retooled for the Apple mobile platform to include calculations for publishing and 360 Deal points. It will determine, with reasonable accuracy, if a record company is reporting all earnings and royalties.

How does it work?

Using actual accounting practices of major and indie record labels, the MARC analyzes the data you enter and determines how much the artist, the producer, and the record label should all be making on the deal at any given point, right down to the penny.

Included with MyRecord Deal is a detailed in-app help-book that explains record label accounting procedures to both educate and help configure the MARC to match any type of record deal. You can set configure it for any type deal including,  indie, single,  fully blown five-album, and major-label 360 deals. You can also use pre-configured templates that save you time and give you instant answers.

MyRecord Deal – The MARC can be used for:

–Determining how much mega groups are actually making on record sales and publishing. (General template is included, artist-specific templates available via in-app purchase.)

–Knowing if the advance offered by a label publisher is too much or too little for the size of the deal.

–Calculating the break-even point for any release for the artist, songwriters, producer and the label.

–Budgeting a DIY career to determine how much is too much to spend on the recording, the promotion, and the tour.

–Finding the actual “penny rate” of each single or album, as well as the publishing splits for each single or album.


–Figuring out the cost-benefit assumptions for auditing or suing a record label.

Using the included in-App Help Book, you will learn:

–How labels calculate royalties.

–The staggering difference between what the songwriter makes versus the recording artist.

–How to negotiate effectively with a label to get the best deal for the artist.

Try it for free (ad supported). Upgrade to pro for only $4.99 for a limited time.”