Music Resources (VSTi)

Well, I found 4 cool new Vst instruments, so here’s a little post about them.

Some are free, but there’s 1 that is cheap, but very clever!

So, if you’re into creating music, or know someone who is, check these out:

1. DSK Guitars: a virtual instrument simulating 3 different types of guitars, acoustic, nylon and steel. Very nice. Check out their other plugins too!

2. Magnus Chord Organ: a virtual instrument simulating a 1970s reed organ. If you’re looking for that vintage sound, this should be right up your alley. They also have other instruments on their site.

3. NSA Custom Series Drumkit: not a VSTi but rather a collection of samples. Really nice sounding drums, good for multiple genres, and recorded at different velocities, organized by element type (cymbal, tom, kick, etc.)

4. Epic Laundry: amazingly creative VSTi by SampleOddity. Sounds samples from washing machines make up this amazing VSTi. Check out their site for audio demos… you won’t believe how cool it sounds.. from percussive instruments to synth-like sounds… all from washing machines. And at a mere $30, well worth it 🙂

See ya next time