Making a feature on Human Trafficking

Dear all,

If you believe in the power of film, and want to help make a difference in the field of Human Trafficking, then spread this e-mail far and wide… we are making a movie which exposes the horrors of human rights violations in mental institutions and human trafficking.

Both of these victims are people who need help the most, and get abused for it, because it’s so easy to look the other way, or persuade people to not care and not view these people as real people.

The horrific events of this film are based on true accounts of survivors, and we hope this film will be a voice for them, for what they suffered, and will help combat these crimes against humanity, and shed a human light on the survivors (and those who didn’t survive).

We have an amazing cast and crew, with some very seasoned professionals from the Austin, Texas area – it will be a heck of a show.

With names such as the legendary Bobby Sargent as our stunt coordinator, and seasoned pros Robert Cabral and Salvador Cabral (who have worked on several Robert Rodriguez films, such as Machete).

And our DP, Craig Chartier, with over 20 years experience in the business, and of GEAR fame, will guarantee we’ll get some amazing footage to tell this story of survival and friendship.

Top that of with a truly international cast and crew, from as far as Russia, Mozambique and Portugal, and you’re looking at a movie that can touch lives all over the globe.

Want to help? Click on the link below and pledge some money:

Don’t have any money? Pass the word around – even if people can’t contribute financially, if reading our website: makes them more aware of human trafficking, that will be something important. It’s only by awareness that we can combat evil. Truth is the only weapon the criminals can’t fend off.

Share this on Facebook, on twitter, on your e-mail lists… anything goes… every little bit helps!

Let’s do it for the children!

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas