If you think it’s still Right and Left…

A few months ago, someone told me “you can’t look Left and Right anymore, you have to look up and down.”

Up and Down, of course, refers to Individualism vs Stadism, or, as I see, the view that people can take care of themselves on one end, and the view that the State (coincidentally also composed of people) needs to take care of everyone. The former is closely associated with the Left, BUT in reality, right now, it is really nothing more than Corporatism at work.

Corporatism you may know from history under a different name – Fascism.

Which is what we have at play in the US and the world… Big Corporations buying off the government to make them more profit.

Obama’s Health Care plan is nothing more than that. If the government feels your plan isn’t good enough (or if you don’t have one), they will employ IRS agents to force you to purchase their brand of coverage… for your own good, of course.

Here’s an interesting article that demonstrates just how Obamacare is nothing more than Big Corporations at work:


Remember, Right or Left can be just as greedy for money and power! And their power stands at the opposite end of your personal power and freedom of choice.

What can you do about it?

Here’s something: