I Am The Voice (poem)

I am the voice
I’m the voice that gets caught in your throat
When life is unfair and you wish you could do something about it

When takers-without-giving steal from those who can’t resist, and you wish you had a super power to make it right

When the darkest part of your soul puts an end to those you love and you can’t get it to stop

But yet…

I am the voice
I’m the voice in your heart that tells your truth
The voice that weeps with others and makes them smile
The voice that ends the thunder of somebody else’s blunder and sows peace and love and harmony

When problems arise and waves crash at your side, I am the voice of reason

The voice that calls to you at night and shines a light when you can’t see where you’re going

I am the voice that lives inside that steers you right and others down a better life.

I am the voice you should speak

I am the voice you should heed

When you look deep down inside

I am the voice when you have the courage to let me out!

(C) 2015 Val Gameiro.