How to Install Flash Player on SRWare Iron (Secure Chrome Clone)

I love SRWare Iron so much I ditched my beloved Firefox for it. I still use Mozilla Firefox for those websites that don’t look right on Iron (not many), or for sites for which I haven’t yet transferred passwords into Iron.

SRWare Iron runs faster and has a smaller footprint than Mozilla Firefox, and it also sidesteps my privacy concerns with using Google tools (such as the Chrome browser).

The only drawback is that there are less extensions available for it, although I’m pretty sure you can install any of the Google Chrome extensions on it, just not Firefox.

By default, the Flash Player is not enabled, and since I wasn’t able to find a solution to enable it in SRWare Iron — following the Google Chrome instructions didn’t work for me — I found this workaround, which is really just installing the Adobe Flash Player for Other Browsers, by going here:

Download Adobe Flash Player for SRWare Iron Browser

Download Adobe Flash Player for SRWare Iron Browser

Then, just select your Operating Systems, e.g. Windows 8, and then a version – normally only the latest version shows up.

You can’t live without Adobe Flash Player these days… and I for one also can’t live without my SRWare Iron browser — except on my tablet. The stock Windows Explorer is more finger friendly than any other browser, and on a tablet with a virtual keyboard that makes a big difference. Big buttons, sliding motions, etc. all make for a better tablet browsing experience (to me at least).

Anyway, I hope this is useful to you.

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas